Thursday, 25 August 2016

Wishy Washy

“How are you today?” you ask
“Not the best. You?” I reply

This is me, how I’ve been feeling. However it wasn’t until one of my mates was talking to me about someone else that I realised that’s exactly how the last 4 months have been like for me, maybe the whole year.

Wishy washy.

I have excuses. Excuses I’ve been telling others, but more so excuses I’ve been telling myself. Money has been the main problem, it’s spun me in a hard loop, and most probably what I’ve been dealing with is a heavy dose of depression, one I’ve managed to have for so long I’ve worked myself into a state that I’m able to live a semi-normal life, though I’m feeling very little. I’m doing very little. I want to do less.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Details: Being That For You

I’m saddened to tell you all that I have made a massive and hard decision to think of money when it comes to this release. Which means that Being That for You will end up in Amazon KU for the first 3 months of its published life. I’m sorry, honestly I know. I understand. I hate it when this happened, but I need money. I need a new computer, and then to pay off my car, and to move and there is also holidays and…and…money. I have to be all adulty and think of a way to make some, so here’s the plan. Hope I don’t upset to many people with this decision

So this means it, as long as everything goes to plan, will be released into amazon, and onto KU on the 25th of August 2016 and won’t become available for the general public, or outsiders, I’m sure amazon would call us, until the 25th of November. 

So general information is:

It sits just under 20K which means I’m also going to be publishing it at $2.99. if you are not an amazon buyer, use paypal, and wish the book in your hands when it comes out I will gladly allow you to buy it from me at a lower price of $1.99 (which will give you all 3 etypes, epub, mobi & PDF, to your email) – email me at beeheeley[at]gmail[dot]com

The story is about life after the main story, that one where he’s straight but becomes gay for just the right person. You know that one *waggles brows* there real good, so if you’ve not read anything like that you should go looking. Anyway, it started as a blog story that got expanded by a few scenes and it’s a wonderfully beautiful story, if I do say so myself.

Ah… and so that’s all I’m willing to share, unless it is actually coming out on the 25th and then I’ll have added more as I’d have had the book and gotten it ready for release, if not, and this is what you are reading then it’s not coming out for a few more day/week.

Update: Due to RL issues this book will be released on, or closer to, the 30th of August, maybe earlier because of the info above I’ll probably just release it 3 days after I submit it to Amazon. Then I’m promo

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

My Week

Pretty simple, here’s it is:

·         Beta read for Jo Tannah
·         First Flipped 1: This Life and Beyond – am actually going to first writing it/last read as then it’s just a quick trip into beta reads, quick fix and into edits. That too and the main part of the story is done, just the romance, aka sex, left
·         Final read of Being that For You – learn more about this tomorrow
·         Matching Mates 2 – if I’ve time

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Read Last Week

The only thing I’ve Read this week is Swaying the Marine’s Loyalty (Wolves of Stone Ridge) by Charlie Richards, it was…well I’m still not sure yet, like I enjoyed it while reading (tho had a little trouble at the start), it held another part of the war, another step, but was it important enough that you needed to read it? I’m not sure, and I think that’s what I’m struggling with. That and why weren’t the wolves more involved, especially Jerrod, did he suddenly not give a shit even though he was the one that sent them? I’m hoping some of the question will be answered in the next Wolves one, and I know I will. The romance part was pretty simple and easy and maybe that’s something I wasn’t expecting that’s why I’m focused a little more on the series plot. 

  Re-Read I’m getting back into Carol Lynne’s Cattle Valley series, I started with Bad Boy Cowboy and am up to Fire House Heat – wait no I’m in the middle of Neil’s Guardian

I was meant to beta read a book for Jo Tannah, which I haven’t yet. If you are reading this Jo, sorry, being lazy/ultra-busy, I’ll be doing it first thing tomorrow


Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Writing A Book: The Fears

The book: Flipped 1: In This Life & Beyond
Subject: Paranormal Romance
Info: BonyDee Challenge with April Kelley
Word Count: 20K

Formal enough for you?

 I’m at the point in my story where it’s coming to the end, I’m struggling to write the max word count, though it’s not helping that I know I have a minimum of 4K that needs to be writing in the middle and start of the book. So I’m sitting at 12K but really that would be 16K if I’d managed to write those sections first.

The fears I’m having, is what I always have at this point. Does my story have a story? Is the plot working? Does the love interest work?

So for me that last one is where my fear sits much more, I am a romance writer. I am writing a romance. And for me that’s actually hard, mostly because I’m a plot writer and therefore my characters are just defaults, which means I know my plot works, it’s going exactly where I thought it would be, but I’m not sure I’ve got the chemistry and love between the two MC’s down.

This book it seems harder than most, mostly because this is telling a story when the lovers are already together, and happily together and this is the step forward from that. So my fear? Have I displayed that? Have I put that into the story enough?

 So now I’ve got to keep another 2K so that I can have some leeway to add backstory. Add relationship littered into the story. Right now I’ve written the bones, I’ve written the plot. And when its gone through beta – and maybe a second as I think I’m going to need someone with a different approach them my normal one, because I’m worried. I need to know, and yet that one won’t happen until I have at least gotten it ready for editing, and by then I’ll have add a relationship I believe I’m missing. Litter it in good.

I want this book to work, and knowing that now, now that I’m nearly done and yet so far from the end it’s not funny. I think though, it’s great to have the fear especially when you have a word count deadline. It’s better than having to cut things as I need to add them.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Read Last Week

Another slow reading week for me, I’d like to say I was too busy writing, but I’ve not really doing that either. I’m just being lazy and all obsessively inclined towards Charlie Richards paranormal series, so lots of Re-Reading